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Jewellery designed by German artisan, Thomas Frank, is marketed under the brand Haute Boheme. His works span interior and jewellery design.
Thomas started designing jewellery as a hobby in his early years and when hobby became passion in 2010 he created his own jewellery business .
The philosophy originates from Thomas' lifestyle and reflects in unconventional designs inspired by the beauty of shapes, structures and facets in our planetary system..
Thomas'  collections consist of a wide range of materials from Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver and 18K  gold and demonstrate simplicity, sensuality and natural elegance. Each piece is crafted by hand in the Byron Hinterland. All pieces are  are one of a kind carrying its own unique story or a limited #99 edition.
Jewellery made by Thomas Frank is for people with exceptional taste, a sense for alternative style and a passion for individuality. 
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